Wild Dreams…

I was dreaming, how it will be,
When there is a cloud of doubts,
When it causes a rain….!
A chilled, unwanted and destructive rain!

The goddess of land was crying and cursing,
as she lost her dear and near,
as it hurt her while the winds took away
all the veins from her body.

When all the trees were falling down,
when all the rivers were overflowing,
my soul was chilled and sight is lost, but
They were laughing loudly, the doubts.

The rain was in destructive mood
as the cause was doubt and disbelief
she couldn’t think about the end
And the pain, the goddesses were experiencing.

The rain was in destructive mood,
she decided to kill peace and happiness,
to make working inactive, to make
the brain mad and showed the ugly face,

I couldn’t dream any more,
It was terrific, beyond the limits,
Opened my eyes and searching for…
My peace, my brain, but already lost in the dream!


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